Lessons from being a Dad

My son turned 21 months old earlier this week and in the past 21 months I have really enjoyed growing into a Dad.

Some of the things I have learned:

I can make song lyrics kid appropriate in mid sing along (Leroy Brown is the baddest man in the whole damn darn dang dog town) even if they dont make sense.

I know that CHICKEN in always his suggestion for meals, even breakfast.

I can out HOT DOG dance anyone in my house at the end of Mickey Mouse club house.

DONE means give me something else.

A 21 month old can wing a softball like Rick Ankiel in the playoffs so when you hear “throw” you better get your hands up.

Some times he just needs a back rub to help him fall asleep.

You cant respond to emails with a 20 month old on your lap, so dont try, just enjoy the time watching the same DVR’ed version of Curious George you have seen ten times.

Pajamas with a monkey holding a banana will make him hungry.

Bath time is 75% play time, 20% cleaning, 5% body discovery.

Cooking dinner for your family is just as rewarding as any project you can get done at work.

Hearing your son pray is an amazing feeling.


Tiger Basketball games are less important than playing cars or reading about Marvin escaping from the Central Park Zoo for the thousandth time.

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