2 Waffles, Chicken, Chocolate Milk!

 “Good Morning, son!”

“2 Waffles, Chicken, Chocolate Milk!” 

“What did you say buddy?”

“2 Waffles, Chicken, Chocolate Milk!” 

That is how my Wednesday morning started this week. Before my son even stood up in his crib to start his day he was telling me his breakfast demands like an over the road trucker who just pulled into a truck stop after an all-night run.

I got him up and dressed and ready for day care and by that time he forgot his order and settled for a cup of yogurt and a fruit bar.

My wife and I try hard to make sure we feed Landon a “Good Diet”. No its not vegan, or organic, or to be fair even truly balanced.  He doesn’t get a lot of fast food, no juice, no candy (except for his potty candy of Chocolate M&Ms) and he only gets chocolate milk when he is with his Grandpa.

Landon isn’t a picky eat per say we just have a pretty standard list of food we eat around our house.

If you come to our house on a week night something on this list has an 80% or better chance to be on our table:

Chicken Parmesan
Hamburger Helper
Pot Roast
Roasted Chicken
Chicken Nuggets

Its not that we shun new food, the fact is I cook most night and that is the easiest stuff to get ready in the 45 minutes I normally have to get dinner ready.

I need to find a way to open up our food choices so that my son doesn’t start thinking that those are the only thing normal people eat for dinner.

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