183 Miles in June

I am not a cyclist.

Well I would have said that in the middle of May.

I decided that in June I was going to try to get in 100 miles by riding everyday and to church when I could since I live so close in an attempt to get into shape enough so that I could ride to work on a regular basis.

It was a lot easier to get to 100 miles than I thought it would be. I did spend a few long mornings on the MKT Trail . The break down of my miles ended up being 132 on “the road” and 51 miles on the Katy Trial.

Now I have the bug and am looking at buying a “better bike”. Hope fully something like this.

June was a “great” weather month with me being able to ride comfortably every night but with the weather being 100+ degrees today and for the next couple weeks I dont know if I am going to be able to keep up this pace.

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