Why you should read your kids email.

If you work in Corporate America there is about 100% chance that someone monitors your internet and email activity.

If you have a kid at home there is only a 32% chance that you monitor what they do on the internet.  I’d also be willing to bet a majority of that 32% thinks being friends with their child on Facebook is monitoring.

I have heard all the excuses on why not to monitor what your kids do online but here is the homerun on why you should. 

The 58 year old principal at your 14 year old daughter’s school emailing her this:

“Hey sweetheart … I really liked having you ride shotgun next to me Friday night… It was very special for me for you to take that spot in the front seat,” he wrote. “I love you and my only task right now is taking care of you.”

The moms answer on how she stumbled on to this is really sad:

“Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have seen them, because I don’t go in and check them.” 

As the kids these days say SMH!

I hope at some point it isn’t uncool to monitor what your kids do online.

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