5 Things I am Good At

Last night I wrote a post about 5 things I am bad at and promised I would follow up with 5 things (appropriate to share on the internet) I am good at. 

So here they are:

Technical Intuition
My job is not hard because I have a natural understanding of how technology and security should function and most of the time they do.  This makes my job fun.

Dropping Dope Rhymes
I know you may not believe me but I am most talented rapper you have never heard. If you want proof just hop in the car with me for a road trip and I will make you throw your hands in the in the air and say uhh!?!

Liking People
I like people.  I have people I consider friends all over the world. It doesn’t take me a long time to get warmed up to someone and start caring for them.  It is probably because of my childhood but I truly understand that all people want to be liked.

Leading Discussions
I wanted to put that I was good at teaching on this list but in honesty I suck at teaching. I am really good at leading discussions though.  So good in fact that I fly all over the world doing it.   I love leading discussions and watching amazing things happen because of it.  

Being Thankful
My childhood was beyond rough and to be where I am today has given me a heart that is truly thankful for all the opportunities I that I have been given. 

What are you good at?

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