KOMU’s Malware Problem

KOMU is the local NBC affiliate out of Columbia. To be honest  I really love their news broadcasts and their website and rely on them for the majority of my news. Sorry KRCG and KMIZ.

Yesterday I  got a couple of calls from people who were getting this when they visited the website:


After looking at the diagnostic page here it was clear that their ad network was distributing malicious software. It happens when you outsource your ads. It has happened to the NY Times, Yahoo and Wall-Street Journal. You clean it up, apologize and move on.

What is inexcusable to me is their social media team telling people to ignore what is a very valid warning:

This is putting their viewers PC’s at a very unnecessary risk. As someone who deals with this stuff for a living it is mind boggling that a company would do this.The software that is being distributed by those servers can lead to broken PCs, lost files and identity theft.

I like KOMU and I want them to get their website fixed but I dont like it when they lie to their customers.

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