Fitbit Flex Stepbot POC v.01

At my new job they have a fitbit step count challenge and if you can clock 40,000 steps in one day you can win a $100 gift card.  

The only problem is that there is no way in the world I will ever legitimately get 40,000 steps in one day (The closest I ever came was 25,000 steps one day in London and I was near exhaustion when I made it back to my room).

So if I was ever going to get 40,000 steps in one day I was going to have to cheat. Note: I am not really cheating, I am using a secondary fitbit account for this. 

Let me introduce you to Stepbot POC v.01:

With a $10 remote control car and a some electrical tape I can now average 120 steps a minute (172,800 a day) from the comfort of my desk chair. 


The future plans for the Stepbot include

  • Stepper Motor and Stand.
  • Raspberry PI Intgeration
  • Software to control steps per minute with web interface. 

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