Change It or Accept It?

I had lunch with a mentor last week and he closed lunch with this thought and it has been stuck in my head ever since: 

There are two choices you are constantly making in your life, you either change things or accept them. 

We make that choice hundreds of times a day and most of the time we don’t even realize it. 
Do I pick up my sons toys out of the living room or do I accept the mess?
Do I  help the lady with a flat tire or do I accept it so I can get to work on time? 
Do I say something about a problem at work or do I accept it so I dont make waves? 
Do I volunteer in my community or do I accept it as is? 

The truth is anytime you notice something that you want to change and don’t you have accepted it.   We all have excuses on why we don’t try to change things and I have tried all the mental gymnastics to disprove his quote but I cant. 

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