Using Mana To Spoof Common SSIDs.

I had the opportunity to speak at a “micro- conference” yesterday for the Midwest Cyber Security Alliance with the state auditor Nicole Galloway

I wanted to use this opportunity to make a bold statement since I knew there would be influential people in the audience who wanted to listen Nicole talk about her new cyber security auditing initiative. 

I wrote Mana-Common that builds on Dominic White’s amazing Mana project.

My project used in conjunction with a Ralink 5370 Chipset USB Wireless Card broadcasts 7 of the most popular SSID’s according to  Protip: It is easily modified to target smaller audiences who may have saved corporate SSIDs on their devices. 

Here is a demo of the terminal output:

Mana Demo  

Here is a screenshot of my iPhone picking up the networks:


If you have any questions please reach out to me on twitter @jgamblin.

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