The Security Summer Camp Talks I Want To See…

I took some time tonight and read through the Security Summer Camp  (BSidesLV, Blackhat and Defcon) schedules and picked the talks from this year that I think will be the best and that I do not want to miss.
I ended up with these 16 talks I am going to make a special point to see next week:


Managing Security with the OWASP Assimilation Project.
I want to see how Alan is using this OWASP project and how it compares to commercial CMDBs.
Automation of Penetration Testing and the future.
I am really interested in this subject as security is seriously lagging behind in the automation arms race and I think it will be the hottest trend in security over the next year.
How to Get and Maintain your Compliance without ticking everyone off.
The outline for this talk is a little sparse but I am interested in seeing what these guys come up with since I know them and am interested in this subject.
How to travel to high-risk destinations as safely as possible.
Ryan will do an amazing job on this talk but I am going to go to this talk to see how many of these things I can steal for my own OpSec.
A Peek Behind Vegas Surveillance.
Um… because why not? I love Oceans 11.
Automation Plumbing.
Another automation talk…. I sense a trend.


An insider’s guide to cyber-insurance and security guarantees.
I am  interested in this subject in general and how it will shape security in the next few years.
Cyber war in perspective: analysis from the crisis in ukraine
I have a read a couple of books and watched winter on fire about this conflict so it will be interesting to hear about it from cyber-war perspective.


Universal Serial aBUSe: Remote physical access attacks.
This is going to be the best and most talked about talk at Defcon.  If Dominic brings the tool outlined in the talk (and he will) you will be reading about this for the next month.
Realtime bluetooth device detection with Blue Hydra
I love hacking bluetooth devices and Blue Hydra is an amazing new tool.
BSODomizer HD: A mischievous FPGA and HDMI platform for the (m)asses
These guys know so much about hacking hardware and this talk and tool is going to be amazing.  I hope Joe has a kit together by Defcon so I can buy it.
101 Ways to Brick your Hardware
Joe FitzPatrick is one of the smartest guys I know and watching this talk on how his failures will be entertaining, educational and inspiring.  Amazing and truly talented people can always laugh at themselves.
Picking Bluetooth Low Energy Locks from a Quarter Mile Away
um…. are you telling me you wouldn’t want to see this?
Hacking Hotel Keys and Point of Sale systems
I am glad I will be checked out of my room by the time this talk is given.


Sun, Sin, Security: IOActive
IOActive does an amazing job with their event every year and they will have some amazing talks.
Securing the Internet of Things (SIOT)
I love IOT security and I will be speaking at this event.
I will just leave this here for discussion at another time but I am probably skipping the Blackhat badge next year:

Conference Badge Cost Talks Cost Per Talk
BSidesLV $0.00 6 $0.00
BlackHat $2,295.00 2 $1,147.50
Defcon $240.00 6 $40.00

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