Early Lessons Learned in Car hacking

Ever since Charlie Miller hacked a Jeep while it was driving on the interstate I have wanted to learn more about Car Hacking but really had not had a chance to get started with it until a month ago when I ordered a Carloop and was ready to get hacking:

… or so I thought.  Turns out car hacking is hard… like, really-really hard. While I have not “hacked” anything yet I have learned some early lessons:

Once you get the basic setup down you will spend a lot of time in your driveway and garage doing this:

“Car Hacking” is fairly new and you will likely not find a lot of information about your car online and will have to decode (and hopefully share) a lot of the information you find.  Reddit and Twitter have some fairly active discussion groups.
Car Hacking so far has been an amazingly fun project and there are amazing new tools coming out all the time.  I just backed Macchina on KickStarter this week and would like to pick up a canb.us.  I am sure my car hacking tool kit will continue to grow.
I will be blogging more about my adventures into car hacking over the next couple of months as I learn more and have more to share.

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