Finding Additions To The Umbrella DNS Popularity List

Since I have started looking at the Umbrella DNS Popularity List I was interested in seeing how much the data changes day to day.  I fired up RStuido and wrote some terrible code but finally got it to work with some help.
Yesterday there were 80937 new DNS names on the list that were not on the list the day before.
(Update: Here is a CSV of the 169366 domains that were not on the list April 1st but was on the May 1st list.)
Here are the new additions on a map:

Link to the full screen map.

Here is a CSV of the data with GEOIP information added. 
Here is code I ended up with if you want to build your own:
Up next is to run these domains through Virustotal to see if any of them are bad.
Here is a picture semi related to this blog post to make it look pretty when I share it on social media. 

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