Re:Invent Re:Cap & Re:ading

I spent this last week in Las Vegas attending AWS Re:Invent

This event is mind-numbingly massive with classes happening at 4 or 5 hotels all over the strip. I personally spent over an hour every day on their (nice but extremely slow) shuttle buses between the MGM Grand, Aria and the Sands Expo Center.

It would be impossible to see everything at this conference so throughout the week I compiled a list of services I wanted to investigate more, and I thought I would share them below.






Grab Bag

Closing Thoughts

I had a great time this year and learned a ton. I am looking forward to playing with Security Hub and to finish reading the AWS Well-Architected Framework PDF soon.

I am disappointed that DeepRacer seems to be AWS just taking the DonkeyCar model and close sourcing it without mentioning the original project, even after they have had DonekyCars at the last 2 re:invents.

Lastly, I interested to see if security is deemphasized next year with the announcement of a security-focused conference called re:inforce.

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