Why to Zuckerberg Your WebCam

A picture started floating around the internet of  Mark Zuckerberg holding an Instagram cutout:
People almost instantly started to notice that his webcam and mic were taped over.   While Mark Zuckerberg isnt exactly known for having great security practices,  all his social media passwords were Dadada. This started a discussion in the office if someone could really spy on you via your webcam.  So being a huge fan of the POC||GTFO model of security I put together a quick POC using a 10 line bash script and imagesnap and put it on github.
Simply Running ./capture.sh & takes a photo every 60 seconds.
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While I dont shower with my mac (that much) I will be  Zuckerberging my webcam from now so hackers can not see the strange faces I make at my computer when trying to figure out how to get a bash script to work correctly.

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