Installing Kali on a Dell ChromeBook 11

I had a 2014 Dell Chromebook 11 I was not doing anything so I decided to turn it into a stand alone Kali box using the Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment.
The installation steps are pretty simple:
Add a l33t hacker sticker:
2016-07-04 08.00.52
 Enable Developer Mode (this will wipe the device).
 Login and download the latest crouton
Access the terminal by pressing:
Run the following commands:
sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r sana -t xfce
Go eat lunch (it takes about 30 minutes to pull down the image).

Hack (legally) all the things:
You have a couple of options on how to use Kali on  the ChromeBook.  The option I will use the most is just  the terminal option.  You can access it by typing: sudo enter-chroot -n sana
Screenshot 2016-07-04 at 09.40.02

You can also access a full gui by typing:  sudo startxfce4 -n sana
Couple of notes:
Kali-Rolling is working on crouton right now due to an abandoned package issue.  They are working on it.
The install of Kali is super light weight.  The meta-packages will be your friend when building your image.

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