How To Disable Auto-Play In Facebook

If you are on a limited data plan you should turn off Facebook Auto-play to help preserve your data. There have been a few stories this week about it causing huge data bills.

Here is how to do so in iOS:

Click the Settings Icon.

Find the Facebook Settings.

Click Settings.

Click Auto-Play.

Choose Off (Or WiFi Only)

On Android you will find the auto-play settings within the Facebook app itself. Tap the menu button and then choose settings.

Facebook vs Twitter

Today I had a “Classic Jerry” moment and had a pen explode as I was spinning it around in a meeting.

This was the aftermath:

Afterwards I post the exact same same stats to my FaceBook and Twitter account:
My pen broke while I spinning it around in a meeting it ruined my shirt and got ink all over my face.

The reactions couldn’t have been more different.

On twitter I get made fun of:

and on Facebook I get tips on how to remove the stain:

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