Reversing my phones Pavlov’s dog effect.

“My name is Jerry and I am addicted to my phone.”

I am not sure if there are support groups for people who are addicted to their phone but if there is I should probably drop in on one… you know… just to check it out.

I get a lot of information on my phone throughout the day.

On an average day I get about:

100 Work Emails
75 Person Emails
25 Mentions on Twitter
15 Texts

So that is easily over 200 *Dings* a day I get on my phone.   When my phone *Dings* I look at.  In the Car, in the office, in the bathroom, while watching TV, in a meeting…. If it dinged I looked at it to make sure it wasn’t important.

Earlier this week my phone died on me and I needed to reload it with a new ROM. While configuring it I did something I thought I would never do and did this:

That’s right. No Notifications.  No More *DINGS*.   So now I have to look at my phone for information.  I am a little slower responding to emails and texts but I glance at my phone ever 15 minutes or so and it seems to be working out.  I seem to be getting more work done by not constantly being interrupted with *DINGS* of information.  I am not as fast to respond texts but really how fast do you need to respond to “C DA GAME LAST NITE?!”

We will see how long this lasts.

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